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Lymphedema  and  Vascular  clinic  offers  comprehensive  treatment  for  Lymphatic,  Venous,   Arterial  (Arms  and  Legs)  disorders and Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

One  of  the best  such centers  in  the  country,  we  offer  Surgical  and Non-Surgical  treatments.

Lymphedema is a swelling, most often of the arm or leg. It occurs when fluid normally drained by the lymph vessels does not flow out of an arm or 
leg properly.

A Common disorder where there is high pressure build up in the veins. Venous disorders especially varicose veins form a very important reason for
leg swelling.


It is a common circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries reduce the blood flow to your arms and legs.

Dr. Anshuman Manaswi


MBBS, M.S., D.N.B, M.Ch

Director and Chief Plastic Surgeon -Lymphedema & Vascular Clinic – Mumbai

  • Senior Consultant @Nanavati hospital, Mumbai
  • Senior Consultant @Bombay Hospital, Mumbai 

Awards and Credits:

  • Named in “MARQUIS WHO’S WHO” world bibliography, published from the USA in the Medical category which mentions only the top and most acclaimed 3% of professionals worldwide.
  • A recipient of a State Award, 2007.
    The reviewer for ‘Breast diseases’ an international journal published by the IOS Press, Netherlands.
    Recognized as and awarded the “Best Cosmetic Surgeon” by 7th Newsmakers Achiever’s Award 2016, India.
  • Awarded in the category “Among the best Cosmetic Surgeon of India” at Prime Time Global Healthcare Excellence Award 2016, India.

Lymphedema explained by
Dr. Anshuman Manaswi 

Why Us ?

Lymphedema and Vascular Clinic Mumbai

Lymphedema and Vascular Clinic (Mumbai) is founded and headed by Dr. Anshuman Manaswi (MBBS, MS, DNB, M.Ch), who is a Senior Plastic Surgeon at Nanavati Hospital and Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, and is a pioneer of lymphatic surgeries in India. 

Patient Results and what they want to say...

"My sister's child ankit salunke, he was having elephant disease. He was having maximum 18"(inch) Brody leg. Because of Dr. Manaswi sir it's better than before he is progressing . Many doctors said that it will be not proper but only Dr.manaswi sir said it will be proper we really thank full to him and to his Lymphedema treatment center"
Ajay Salunke - Lymphedema Treatment

"I had seeked consultation and treatment by many doctors; however to no respite. There was a perpetual swelling i had to live with Lymphedema Last September I got the cellulitis condition. I consulted with Dr Ansuman Manaswi, Nice experience. Feeling better."
Rani Jesuja


Lymphedema and Vascular Clinic (Mumbai), assists  you to overcome all you problems and provide you the required treatment. We aim to cure you of your disease and improve your quality of life and ensure your Physical, Mental & Emotional well-being.

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