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Young Lady with Filarial Lymphedema of Left Lower Limb with Repeated Infection for 10 yrs duration, treated with MLD & Lymphatic Venus Shunt, Patient doing well for last 4 yrs.

Case of Post Breast Cancer surgery Lymphedema of Upper Limb for more than 5 yrs duration, patient treated with Vascularized Lymph node transfer & MLD.

Post Breast Cancer surgery of lymphedema for more than 4 yrs of duration, treated with Vascularized Lymph node transfer.

Extreme case of Lymphedema of left lower limb of more than 15 yrs of duration with severe  fibrosis and skin changes. Diagnosis – congenital lymphedema with query Filariasis. treated with a combination of Lymphatico Venus Shunt & Vascularized Venous Shunt.

Post Breast Cancer surgery lymphedema treated with Conservative management.

Case of Filariasis induced lymphedema left lower limb treated by distal Lymphatico venous shunt. Patient followed up for one year till which there was no recurrence of lymphedema

Lymphedema Treatment

Lymphedema and Vascular Clinic (Mumbai) offers world class comprehensive treatment for Lymphedema patients.

*  Lymphovenous Bypass
*  Lympho Nodo Venous Bypass
* Vascularized Lymph Node Transfer
* Debulking Surgery
* liposuction
* Reconstruction

Limb support / elevations

*  Manual Lymphatic Drainage
*  Multi Layered Bandaging 
* Wound Management 
* Infection Prevention
* Limb Elevation

  • Swelling in arms / legs
  • Tightness of skin when wearing clothes
  • Difficult to see the veins in arms / legs
  • Thickened skin

    Why Us..


    During the first consultation, we evaluate the patient and find the cause of lymphedema. We note if there are any complications arising due to Lymphedema, such as skin infection, final infection, bleeding, skin hardening and so on.

     The next step involves certain investigations if required, to understand the depth of the problem and sometimes to establish a diagnosis of lymphedema.

    Then the treatment is started with medicines (if required) and treatment specifically to lymphedema like manual lymphatic drainage and special bandaging of the lymphedema limb. Options of surgery is also discussed in cases where lymphedema can be helped by surgery.

    The surgical options range from Lymphatic venous shunt, Lymph node-venous shunt, Vascularized Lymph node transfer, liposuction and excisional procedures with skin grafting . A proper record of all patients is maintained with measurements charts to monitor to see the long term results. Dr. Anshuman Manaswi is one of the pioneers of Lymphedema surgeries in the country. We try to be a one stop solution offering center for the patients suffering from Lymphedema.

    How to Diagnose Lymphedema ?

    Clinical Examination

    Clinical examination is a must and can diagnose Lymphedema to a fair bit of accuracy. It also helps the clinician to know if there are any infection or any complication.


    lymphoscintigraphy is the gold standard to diagnose Lymphedema and to understand the level of obstruction. This is an OPD procedure were a very very small amount of radio tagged sulphur is injected in the affected limb and images are taken to identify the obstruction. The medicine only travels by the lymphatics, Hence a diagnosis can be make.

    Lymphoscintography showing lymphedema in left leg

    MRI - Lymphangiography

    MRI with contrast, specific for lymphatic system can delineate the lymphatic structure to a very high degree of accuracy, this new procedure helps in diagnosing and planning the surgery. A very useful tool indeed, for lymphatic surgeons

    MRI – Lymphangiography to diagnose lymphedema

    ICG fluroscence lymphography

    ICG fluroscence lymphography is a OPD procedure in which the ICG- dye is injected in the skin. ICG is only taken up by the Lymphatics and by using special instruments florescent image of the lymphatics can be seen. This is a very useful tool for Lymphatic mapping and it also picks up very early lymphedema through its specific patterns. This Investigation has the capacity to revolutionize and simplify the treatment of Lymphedema.

    ICG fluroscence lymphography

    ICG fluroscence lymphography for lymphatic mapping

    We are using all of these investigations including ICG fluorescence lymphography to provide the best treatment matching international standards.

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